• pizza cheese, ricotta, roasted mushrooms, shaved garlic, olive oil
  • pizza rolls, SB pizza cheese, garlic butter, pecorino
  • Pepperoni & Cheese
  • Garlic Romano Oven Baked Wings
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Our story

We were two kids from different parts of the country when we met at Ohio State. John, a Toledo boy, and Gabrielle, from a small town in New Jersey. We were married 7 years later. Not only did we fall in love with each other, but we fell in love with East Coast pizza as we traveled the next 25 years chasing our four children’s sports and visiting Gabrielle’s family in her home state.

We started this business because we are stubborn about making pizza in an “old world style”. An honest return to the authentic essence of flour, cheese, and tomatoes. It is the kind of food that has roots. Roots that go all the way back to Italy, when the freshest local ingredients were used. We have recreated this by developing our own Stubborn Brother pizza flour, cheese, and sauce. We sourced established family businesses, a local organic flour mill, and farms across Ohio who shared their generational knowledge with us so we could incorporate the freshest local ingredients into our original recipes. It is food that connects the community of people who grow, prepare and eat the food we serve. Even the water we use is special. It is filtered and molecularly replicates NYC water.

We are stubborn about many things. Doing our part to support sustainability in our community. We value a clean approach to our environment, and most importantly of all, our food. We are committed to offering an honest value and looking forward to becoming part of the surrounding neighborhood communities.

Join us as we cheer on our Toledo Rockets, enjoy food made with love, and celebrate with our neighbors.

“Here’s to delicious bites, craft beers, live music, and memorable nights.”

John and Gabrielle Mancy